It's very normal for you drink some water or juice while working, which is the very big mistake we all do. Take care not to spill water or juice on your system while working as any form of spill could cause an irreversible damage to your laptop computer. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California's press secretary Margarita Thompson was recently robbed; her laptop was stolen and believe me the aftermath wasn't pleasant. A fascinating device is a mini radio transmitter that activates an alarm when a laptop is moved more than 10-20 feet away from a receiver kept in your bag, pocket or wallet. A stolen laptop can be easily traced with the help of a software code used for tracking.

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Morella Inc. is offering an interesting deal to tracking laptops.


We propose a facility that helps to encrypt delicate files on your laptop after it is stolen.


Their efforts and keep your laptop and precious data safe!


The company has a site dedicated to contributing significant news commentary and reviews about cut-rate notebook computers and netbooks.

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Laptop cable locks

Your laptop can easily be guarded from simple thieves by using a cable lock. You can attach your laptop to a cable lock with the USS (Universal Security Slot) that now comes with many laptops. You can get your cable locks cheaply from computer stores and supply stores.

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