It's very normal for you drink some water or juice while working, which is the very big mistake we all do. Take care not to spill water or juice on your system while working as any form of spill could cause an irreversible damage to your laptop computer. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California's press secretary Margarita Thompson was recently robbed; her laptop was stolen and believe me the aftermath wasn't pleasant. A fascinating device is a mini radio transmitter that activates an alarm when a laptop is moved more than 10-20 feet away from a receiver kept in your bag, pocket or wallet. A stolen laptop can be easily traced with the help of a software code used for tracking.

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Over the years, the rate at which computer laptops are being stolen has become very rampant and just a few of these computers are recovered. Most people lose their notebooks when they leave them unattended to, probably at a conference meeting, office or public places. Most of the stolen laptops are usually sold o random people on the street and that might spell doom for the initial owner. Important data of the laptops can be manipulated either by the thief or whoever the laptop was sold to which means some valuable data on the laptop cannot be retrieved.


At times the data might be the real target and not the computer. With such important details stored on the computer, details like; Bank details name, social security number, credit rating, personal finances, address and other information which can be used to cause irreversible damages. They were able to gain access to some confidential data which was typed on the computer’s notebook. And I’m sure you also do not want to be a victim of this. So in order to protect your laptop there has been some basic programming on your computer called computer security. So let’s dive into how it works.




One of this programming I talked about earlier is IBM which was used to create a finger prints reader for some particular laptop models. That could definitely be the future of computer security. The identification reader forms a biometric level of security that is virtually difficult to break, but I’m sure the question of how to take care of the older notebooks pops up. I’ll be showing you 4 suitable ways to guard your computer.




It might seem too much to engrave permanently your valuable laptop computer You can do this by engraving your name, phone number and address, that way a thief who wants to steal it might think twice. You might also get your computer if stolen




The motion detector is a perfect means to secure your laptop. The detector or alarm goes off if the laptop is touched or moved by anyone besides you. Devising such method will deter a thief from stealing your laptop. This method has been proven to be effective especially by those whose computer had once been stolen; fortunately they were able to retrieve it with the help of the detector. An alarm is bound to attract hundreds and thousands of people who carelessly leave their laptops in an unknown place.




This is another perfect way to secure a laptop. People have been able to retrieve their stolen laptops with the help of a tracking device. This software is usually installed inside the computer’s hard drive. The laptops can be traced when a cyber-work on the computer is connected with the internet; it furtively informs the owner of its locationAnother means of tracing a stolen laptop is by using Computer trace Personal. It offers a related service within a three year contract. They pay a maximum of $1000 if your notebook computer is not retrieved within thirty days.




Computer security might seem rather stressful but believe me, it’s worth the effort. Wouldn’t you be glad to not be a victim of laptop theft? I’m sure with everything I’ve said above; securing your computer will be as easy as eating piece of cake.

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Laptop cable locks

Your laptop can easily be guarded from simple thieves by using a cable lock. You can attach your laptop to a cable lock with the USS (Universal Security Slot) that now comes with many laptops. You can get your cable locks cheaply from computer stores and supply stores.

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