It's very normal for you drink some water or juice while working, which is the very big mistake we all do. Take care not to spill water or juice on your system while working as any form of spill could cause an irreversible damage to your laptop computer. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California's press secretary Margarita Thompson was recently robbed; her laptop was stolen and believe me the aftermath wasn't pleasant. A fascinating device is a mini radio transmitter that activates an alarm when a laptop is moved more than 10-20 feet away from a receiver kept in your bag, pocket or wallet. A stolen laptop can be easily traced with the help of a software code used for tracking.

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How To Choose The Best Spin Bike For Home and Gym


Spin bikes are the new craze. Several gym freaks are signing up for spin classes in the gym which helps them to burn off at least 300 – 1200 calories a day. But there are many things to consider before buying a spin bike. Here is a complete guide for you to choose the best spin bike for yourself.

Familiarise With The Model

There are a lot of brands in the market who are selling spin bikes. Rather than spending money at a gym regularly, you can buy a spin bike and use it at home. The foe is choosing the right spin bike for yourself; you need to know about the pros and cons of each and every model. The market is brimming with different kinds of brands.

Budgets And Need

You may need to buy spin bikes, but your needs will differ greatly from other customers. The spin bike that you want should be able to take care of your needs. If you just want to lose some weight and do not plan on using your spin bike daily, then a cheaper spin bike will be more useful for you. pick the best spin bike for daily home usage then It will last longer and help you to take care of your needs. If you are an athlete, then it is better for you to invest in a more expensive bike. It will help you to train properly. Along with your needs, you need to keep in mind your body weight. Heavier gym freaks need to select a spin bike that can support their weight.

Features That You Needl

Several features will make your spin bike more attractive to you, features such as heart rate screen, display monitor and much more. If you are not on a limited budget, then you can get these features as they work as amazing motivating agents. Some of them are:

• Flywheel: Many people tend to ignore the flywheel but its one of the most important part of a spin bike. This part is what provides you with momentum and will help your muscles to work out. Gym trainers often want you to buy heavier flywheels as they will help you to challenge your movements and you can train in a better manner.

• Magnetic Brake: These kinds of spin bikes rely on some magnets which help to build tension. It not only eliminates the risk of friction pads but it also increases the difficulty level of pedaling. It is used for traveling uphill in high terrains. Beginners can use these magnetic brakes to become trained athletes.

• Belt drives: These are nothing but bands which are used to join the crank and the pedal. In order to avoid a friction-free workout, these belt drives can be used. It will also ensure that you have a noise free workout session.

If you decide to invest in a good quality spin bike, then you will definitely eliminate the need to use other kinds of machines for a workout. The rule is to constantly review all the models and then choose one that suits your need.

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Laptop cable locks

Your laptop can easily be guarded from simple thieves by using a cable lock. You can attach your laptop to a cable lock with the USS (Universal Security Slot) that now comes with many laptops. You can get your cable locks cheaply from computer stores and supply stores.

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